Missions Spotlight: Helpmate

logoHelpmate Luncheon

safe_image.phpThis past Wednesday a special fundraiser was held for Helpmate at a local hotel downtown.  Helpmate is an organization devoted to helping end domestic violence in our area, and many of our members at Asbury Memorial UMC are avid supporters of this important ministry and service to our community.  Our own Dr. John Stewart was featured in an interview on a  WLOS segment about the “Men Who Care” luncheon and the Helpmate organization.  Several other members of the church were present, and if you watch the television interview linked below you may see some folks you recognize from Sunday mornings!  Helpmate has been a recipient of our Bread Tin Collection in the past.  Thanks for your support of all the ministries that our church supports on a local, national, and global scale!  Your financial and volunteer support really makes a difference in our community.

Helpmate Luncheon Segment on WLOS