Sunday School

You are invited to join us each week before worship for Sunday School.  There are no tests, no bad cafeteria food, and no report cards that get sent home to your parents.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about faith and life as a follower of Jesus.  There are classes available for all ages and all interests.  If you have a question about which class might be right for you, please give the church office a call (828-253-0765) and we will be happy to get you connected to the best class for you.

Sunday School Opportunities

Beginning Sunday, September 12th the following Sunday School Classes will meet:

Clarence Gilbert Class    9:45 in the Clarence Gilbert room    

This is an adult Bible study that welcomes all ages.  This class is currently a combination of our youngest adults and some of our oldest adults.  We study a curriculum called The Wired Word which examines current events in the news and relates them to various Scriptures in the Bible.  Everyone is welcome in this class which meets downstairs in Educational Building at 10:00 am…and most importantly–good coffee is always available!

Scott Glenn-leader

Faith Meets Life Class    10:00 in the Hugh Brown Chapel

The Faith Meets Life class brings together adults interested in the connections between Christian faith and important issues of daily life.  It is collaborative and interactive; we use video and printed materials as texts, and topics over the years have included Forgiveness; the rise of Protestant Fundamentalism; the proliferation of early Christian texts and the development of the Biblical canon; and end of life issues.  This class is mission-minded and reaches out to help others in the community.  It also has a social side, with a semi-monthly dinner club at members’ homes in rotation.  We welcome new members.  The class meets in Brown Chapel on the second level of the Educational Building at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. 

Group Led

The Upstairs Word-Wired Word    10:00 in the Upstairs Classroom    

Mardy Murphy-Leader

Children’s Sunday School

We would like to offer Sunday School classes for our youth. If there is an interest, please let the church know. Send names and ages to and we will try and make it happen. Until then, there is a lesson planned for children’s church and a nursery is available during the church service.